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Rewards FAQs

How do I Join the Program?
Pickup a card from a cashier at Participating Locations. Register your card to start earning rewards by texting Register to 30364 or by visiting or by downloading the Race to Savings Mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
How do I earn Rewards:
With Race to Savings, you will earn points per dollar and points per gallon as well as bonus points on specific product purchases that can be redeemed as cash on any in-store product. You will also have access to club programs, targeted rewards, and random prizes. Rewards will show on your receipts.
How do I redeem Rewards:
Rewards can only be redeemed inside the store on in-store purchases. When processing a transaction the cashier will ask if you want to redeem points, if you say yes and use your loyalty card your transaction will be discounted based on the point value on your card. For all other rewards your discounts will automatically be issued upon purchase of qualifying reward product.
How do I keep track of my points balance?
That’s easy! You can check your balance at the store by doing a loyalty status at the register, by visiting the website at or by downloading the mobile app.
How long are my rewards good for?
Points will expire 1 year from the date the card is last active. All other reward incentives expire 30 days from date of issuance.
What if I lose my card?
As long as your card is registered, your rewards can be transferred to a new card. Simply call our support desk at 844-740-5719 and provide your information to transfer.
How do I use the phone # id option?
When registering, be sure to include your phone # and your card #. Your phone # will automatically be linked, so for any future transactions you can simply enter your phone # at the pin pad at the register. Your card will be required to process pump transactions.